Mentoring and Training Mobility Performing Arts

We offer mentoring, training and resources for the mobility and internationalisation of performing arts.

One of the challenges for the development of companies and organizations working in the performing arts (theatre, dance, music, etc.) is to widen their range of activity and explore new circuits or markets. In some cases it is a question of selling the productions to other countries or regions. In others, to carry out new projects in collaboration and to look for new partners, ideas or resources. Whatever the reason, the quickest and most effective way to overcome barriers that hinder this is to rely on external professionals with experience and methodology of the work.

Mentoring Mobility and Internationalisation

The mobility and internationalisation mentoring offer knowledge based on experience and a detailed planning of the actions to be carried out.

In order to open new ways to the development of artistic projects, companies or cultural and artistic structures, the best system is to rely on the knowledge that gives experience and the planning of the actions to be carried out. These two properties are fulfilled by the mentoring for the mobility and internationalisation of the arts proposed.


Durante 2016 y lo que va de 2017 estamos trabajando, o hemos trabajado, conjuntamente en tutorías de movilidad e internacionalización con las siguientes compañías y estructuras artísticas:


Education Proposals for Arts and Culture Mobility

Courses, workshops and capsules for education in arts mobility and internationalisation of cultural structures.

This year new education proposals have been designed for the mobility of performing arts structures, companies and artists. They are aimed at, in a practical way, to explore the fundamentals of the management of artistic projects aiming to artistic mobility and the opening up of new circuits and national and international markets. They are structured in courses, workshops and capsules. In this link you can find all the training proposals.


New Website 2017

The new web 2017 wants to be a sounding board to strengthen the international artistic mobility.

We just launched the new website, we invite you to visit it and give your opinion. As it is always said - in this case it is true, it is not completely finished, there are sections yet to be completed, but it already gives a glimpse of what is and may become in the near future.