Education Proposals for Arts and Culture Mobility

Internationalisation workshop in FIT Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
Workshop at theatre festival FIT Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

Courses, workshops and capsules for education in arts mobility and internationalisation of cultural structures.

This year new education proposals have been designed for the mobility of performing arts structures, companies and artists. They are aimed at, in a practical way, to explore the fundamentals of the management of artistic projects aiming to artistic mobility and the opening up of new circuits and national and international markets. They are structured in courses, workshops and capsules. In this link you can find all the training proposals.


The training given come from the recognition of the central value of the project and the artistic work. From this idea, the techniques that will contribute to the project or work to achieve its objectives are presented. The techniques that are shown come from diverse backgrounds (artistic creation, business management, marketing, computer science, etc.) always adapted to the specific language of culture and arts.


The courses and workshops have a recommended duration of between 12 hours and 20 hours. They intend to give broad and advanced information of the contents. The workshops are aimed at small groups so that professionals can work with their own ideas and projects. For their part, the courses are aimed at a wider audience with a more generic content.


This year the training capsules are a new option. About 4 hours each, they give practical and specific training for concrete topics linked to the artistic mobility, the circulation of the works and the internationalisation. At the moment there are four capsules defined: mobility circuits, digital marketing, the international project and practices of distribution and visualisation.


In this link you can access the entire training proposal. Do not hesitate to use the contact form for any questions you want to make or request a customized training proposal.  


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