Consulting 2020: Projects and business models redefinition

El Pot Petit, a music band for family audiences and Toni González

In a year as difficult for culture as 2020, we are very proud that organizations and companies in the performing arts and music have given us their confidence to redefine projects and transform their business models.

The CORONAVIRUS is hitting very hard the weakest sector of culture. Small arts organizations have the priceless value of their creativity but, unfortunately, they lack the resources to endure long periods of inactivity. For many of them they are being critical moments in which they glimpse the end of a period. However, some of them are committed to redefining projects in order not only to endure until the storm subsides, but to continue and move forward in a sustainable way, transforming projects, habits and business models.

Many creative companies have decided, in addition to seeking specific solutions for these troubled times, that this is the time to rethink the project in all its complexity. They consider that now it is time to think strategically and put all the talents and capacities of the organization into play to develop new paths for a forward transformation.

At "Toni González - Escena Internacional" we have had the immense privilege of continuing to work with companies and artists who have decided to go deeply into the analysis, adjustment and transformation of their projects. We have had in this damn 2020, the immense luck of accompanying "El Pot Petit" , "Flamenco Agency" , "MuOM - Ecstatic Voices" , "InDance International - Harriet Macauley" , "Aboon Teatre" and "La Petita Malumaluga" . From all of them we have learned and grown to face high risk situations. New solutions in fields such as education, technology, digital, mobility, new creative projects, environmental sustainability or online sales, have allowed us to discover new development paths for the live arts.

We can affirm that the artists and companies that we have accompanied this year have increased and diversified their capacity to create, produce and find viable solutions to continue operating in the national and international cultural landscape. This way of acting allows them to face the future with much greater confidence and security.